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Hello! My name is Chris Rawlins. Welcome to my campaign website.

I want good government in our state. Good government should be representative, accountable, and effective. That is very difficult, if not impossible, in one-party political environment. 

As I grew frustrated with the political environment in our state and wasn't sure if there was a way to make a difference, I found out about the new (at the time) United Utah Party. The party's message about practical problem solving over political ideology and tribalism resonated with me, as did their focus on government reforms. Even though I was a supporter, I never expected to run as a candidate. 

But as I contemplated the upcoming 2020 election, I realized that I didn't think I would have anyone to vote for from any party that I wanted to support. I decided that I couldn't sit back and let it be someone else's problem. If I wanted to have an option I felt good about on Election Day, I would need to run myself. Here I am. I am not running as a protest vote, single issue, or "just a name on the ballot" candidate. My goal is to win and be an effective legislator for our district. 

If you are similarly frustrated with the government or political situation in Utah, or feel that there is no way for your voice to matter on Election Day, or just agree with the ideas you find on this website, please vote for me this election. If you want to help, please sign up to place a yard sign at your home or make a small donation. Every act of support is more helpful than you know. 

Thank you for visiting my website! 

Chris Rawlins

P.S. - You can follow me on Twitter and Facebook for updates about my campaign.


Chris Rawlins For Utah
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